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Wiggle Room


Collaborative Exhibition with Ray Downie 

Generator Projects, Dundee 

This interactive experience encouraged visitors to unleash their inner child through methods of play with various objects. These included, a spikey swing, a fabric tent incasing a bouncing see saw as well as customisable velcro hats and music making sculptures.

Lorna Kerr kicked things off with a whimsical invitation: pop on a playful hat and leave your uptightness at the door. Follow the cheerful arrows painted on the floor, and they’ll lead you on a captivating journey through this magical art playground. Ray Downie is the mastermind behind a mesmerising array of kinetic sculptures that not only move but create delightful sounds. 

Ray and Lorna blurred the lines between being a spectator and an artist, you’re not just a viewer - you’re also a co-creator! 


Works Show:  Stick, Bounce Tent, Strum, Crank, Drum, Spin and Swing 


Movable Murals


Vroom, Vroom


The Sun Came Up:

Residency at SVA

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