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Movable Murals


In collaboration with The Alasdair Gray Archive and Glasgow Primary Schools

“I was delighted to discover ... that our galaxy contained an unknown number of other worlds where perhaps anything I could imagine might happen” 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Alasdair Gray                                                                                                                         

The Alasdair Gray Archive was established in March 2020 after his death in 2019. In addition to a collection of Gray’s original visual artworks, The Archive also holds a restaging of his studio set up, a section of his personal library and all Gray publications. The Archive aims to promote, protect and advance visual and literary arts for the public benefit.


Working with The Archive, Lorna explored the passion Gray had for literature, and its ability to transport us to magical worlds. In response to this archival research, this educational resource was developed that tasked children with illustrating their own portal to an imagined land. Four local schools were invited to use the resource, and the resulting artworks were developed into this painting. The project is currently ongoing with additional collaborative paintings in development.


The project aims to explore Gray’s passion for collaboration and community whilst educating and inspiring young artists. The collaborative work utilises children’s carefree spirit and imagination to explore the power of literature and art.

Exhibited at The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, May 2022


Blow The Cobwebs Off Of

Your Careless Soul


Wiggle Room


Tell the Dandelion it

Can Tell the Time

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